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Hair color sprays

Hair color sprays   Hair color sprays   Hair color sprays


Hair color spray is a powder that cling electrostatic ally to natural hair and looks like hair fibers. Women can use spray-on hair to disguise small bald spots. You comb some hair over the spot, and then spray over the hair to make the spot invisible. Hair color spray is available in many different colors to match your hair.


Hair color spray looks good, and few people will be able to tell you are using it unless you choose to tell them. On the downside, this solution will work only for women with small- to medium-sized bald spots and enough hair elsewhere to comb over the spots. If you use the spray directly on the scalp, it will look like you have painted your scalp – not good! It is also disrupted by sweat, so you cannot use it if you are planning anything strenuous.

Color hair spray

Color hair sprayColor hair sprayColor hair spray

It’s cheapest and the least trouble! Simply shaving it off is often recommended for men, and there is no reason why women cannot try it too. After all, you are going through the trouble of medicines, surgery, or hair systems to feel better about yourself. If they don’t help you feel better and maybe make you feel worse, what’s the point? When Nobel-prize winning scientist Richard Feynman worried about his colleagues’ opinions of his work, his wife Arlene used to ask him, ‘What do you care what other people think?’ and this is what you should ask yourself when you think about what you should do for your hair.

Hair Holding color hair spray and Other Products

There is other alternative hair holding products available in the market today like:

  • Hair sprays: are those that offer an assorted hold level and are easy and quick to be applied. You may even re-apply the spray as and when needed. Hair sprays come in a variety of brands like the drugstore brand, the salon brand and the alcohol free ones.
  • Some tips to choose a good color hair spray are:
  • Scent: while the Flower and fruit scents are available, you can even go for the unscented type to match a scented shampoo or conditioner.
  • Protective sprays: Some color hair sprays offer UV protection. Choose a spray for your hair needs and also local climate.
  • Delivery method: While Aerosol color hair sprays provide nonstop stream of the product, the non-aerosol type sprays come in small bursts. Choose one that suits your overall style.
  • Sprays for different Hair types: You can buy special hair sprays for your specific needs, like ethnic hair, anti-frizz, curl lock formulas or even sprays with color high lighting properties.
  • Feel: You can buy sprays that are non-shiny or non-sticky. Choose one after experimenting with a few to reach a spray that works best for you.




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