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Hair chalk

Hair chalkHair chalkHair chalk


Do you want your hair to be speacial ? I will suggest you to use hair chalk . Its a very fun way to add temporary multi color to your hair  . It will be really surprising at how pigmented color will show on your dark hair . Dont you know how to use it ? Its easy .

First of all you will need  a hair chalk or few of them, a towel or a plastic coat, gloves, a hair clip and hair spray, trigger bottle with water .

wet your hair, or strands that you want to colour: spray the water on your hair, use the fingers in case of tap water, or just dip the chalk in water – let the hair be very moist but not soaked and dripping

rub the selected chalk's into your hair, holding it straight and tense with the other hand, the best practice is to rub it in direction of hair growth instead of up and down movement, or just dip your hair into the chalked dissolved in water. You can also try brushing the water-chalk substance onto your hair with the colouring brush, or put the liquid in the trigger spray bottle  and simply spray it on!

Hair color spray

Hair color sprayHair color sprayHair color spray

now it’s time to dry the hair . Use  the blow dryer and don’t dry your hair with a towel as the chalk will stain the towel and it will be less seen on your hair.For a better longer stay, use the hair spray after you’ve styled your hair.Try it once you have nothing to lose .


Do you Want  a new hair color spray without a permanent change? Use temporary hair color spray. Give hair a fabulous immediate highlighting effect . You can Choose from brown, black, or blonde, pink, green, blue or purple. They can easily be used to color tips, streaks or bangs. You only have to  find  a temporary hair color to fit your need, Simply spray the color in. Hair color spray is an awsome way to experiment with a fun, crazy hair color or quickly cover up grays without the fear of anything permanent. This spray washes out with one shampoo, making it easy to alter your look temporarily.  

Color hair spray can be an effective way to quickly and temporarily color hair with festive and funky colors. Those that enjoy giving their evening look a bit of an edge can typically use colored hair spray and wash it away with a single shampoo, returning their hair to its natural color for work or school. Others may have thinning hair that they want to disguise with a color hair spray that matches their natural color.

Colored hair spray

Colored hair sprayColored hair sprayColored hair spray



Most colored hair spray products stick better to clean hair because it is free of oils and dirt that may prevent the color from coming into contact with the surface of the strands.

It's always a lot easier and more fun if you can get someone to help you out with it as well. Trying to apply a pattern evenly in the mirror can be very tricky and everyone loves playing with fun colors and hair, so your friends probably won't mind helping.


Just spray it on, have fun with it and then wash it out. No muss, no fuss.



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