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Orange Hair Spray for nice orange hair

Orange Hair SprayOrange Hair SprayOrange Hair Spray

How to Make Homemade Orange Hair Spray

You might have been surprised to discover the title about the orange hair spray!  But yes, this is one good hair spray that can be prepared at home without much difficulty and its usage will definitely give you wonderful results as well.  As we all know, the natural ingredients like banana, avocado, eggs, fenugreek and oranges are some of the best hair care ingredients that can be customized and used based on your demand. So here is one such wonderful remedy that can be effectively used as a hair spray.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and its benefits are immense in the field of skin care, but coming to the basic fear of hair with Orange hair spray, its benefits are unknown to many.  In this article you will know about the readiness of the orange hair spray and also how you can effectively use it to see great results.

Blue hair spray

Blue hair sprayBlue hair sprayBlue hair spray

Ingredients needed

Juice 2 oranges

Add one glass of water

Get a spray bottle


After gathering all the ingredients, add 1 cup of water to a shallow pan, cut out the oranges into smaller pieces and add it to the pan. You don’t have to peel the oranges.  Now place the pan on the stove and turn along the flame.  Hear it on slow to medium heat, and wait till the water layer has reduced to half.  Once the water has reduced to half, turn the gas off and await for the mixture to cool down.  Now strain the concoction with a very fine strainer or a cheese cloth or a napkin (This step is optional).  Add ½ tablespoon of vodka to the mix. This will increase the shelf life of the hair spray.  Though it is suggested that you put the hair spray in the fridge, but once you add vodka, you can keep it in a cool dry place.  Just transfer it to the spray bottle and you have started your own home made Blue hair spray in barely 30 minutes!

How does this blue hair spray work

Orange has in it a chemical subject matter called ‘Pectin’.  Pectin is widely applied in the food industry, like in making jams.  This is fundamentally present in all fruits, but citrus fruits have the highest concentration of pectin.  Pectin helps to keep things together.  So you can as well use any other citrus fruit for this, like lemon. However, lemon can lighten the texture of your hair.  Also, with time, the effect of pectin decreases, so you have to make a fresh spray every 2 weeks once.

Editor to use it, you can actually try in anytime you want.

  Just curl up any division of your wish and then just spray the blue hair spray as required.  You curl is assured to stay along for at least 5 hours.  If your hair is too slick and sleek straight, then you can just spray it 2 to 3 times for long lasting effect. You will definitely be impressed with the results you get out of it.

hair spray paint

hair spray paint hair spray paint hair spray paint

Later owner using this hair spray paint regularly, you will just be amazed to look at your stylish permed look hair by hair spray paint  even though you did not visit any spa or salon to get that.

  Along with that your hair will be full of liveliness as you are not burdening it with any chemicals as such.  Remember, when you are using natural ingredients, you are definitely assured of the great results you are blending to get.  No matter how hard or busy you are, just try to use such wonderful remedies and take good care of your hair. I love your beautiful hair.



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