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The all new volume black hair spray

black hair spray from volume

black hair spray from volume


Be your creative self with Jerome Russell black hair spray and make a range of looks from dramatic to subtle, natural to theatrical and simply covers up light to average bald spots, protect gray and makes hair look amazing. This all new black hair spray from volume is simple to spray in and wash out and will not destroy your hair. It is produced with the top standard items and without acid dyes; you would not have to hesitate about scalp discoloration or the shade bleeding onto bedding or clothes.

The all new temporary black hair spray

all new temporary black hair spray

all new temporary black hair spray

all new temporary black hair spray


This temporary black hair color spray primarily used as tinted dulling spray with the most general colors being black, white and brown. It is simply removed with water and soap. Streak N tips temporary color has long been a motion picture industry standard, best for kids or actors when dressing up in beautiful costumes.

Party Black light hair spray & hair color spray

Temporary glow in the dark hair spray is best for your next Halloween celebration or themed costume. This glow in the dark hairspray spray on clear, but will start to glow if presented with a black light. Include a unique detail to your next party or costume look with this glow in the dark hairspray. Black hairspray will be the show-stopping detail at your next Halloween, costume party, show, or any other unique celebration. This hair colored spray is both simple to use and clean out when you are ready for an amazing look. Whether you want to color your full head or just highlight parts of your hair, this temporary hair look is just what you need. Black light hair spray is strong individually in three ounces cans.

UBH black hair spray

Ultra black hair spray is a light moisturizer without all intense oils traditionally found in most black moisturizer products. This lightweight hair spray can be used daily on natural hair, relaxed hair or chemically processed hair to soften and change lost moisture in dry hair. Also use it as a light conditioner when you want a perfect chic hair texture.

 black shine spray

Gloss veil shine spray uses silicone, Mizani newest, and preventative free-shine technology. The non-greasy formula, weightless, developed especially for multi-textured and curly hair, allows a soft finish with a top gloss sheen. As it moisturizes, softens, and silkens, it controls frizz and helps save curly against environmental problems. Don’t use this hair color with heat-styling tools.

 black hairspray

Color spray is an amazing covering spray for hair wigs and effects. The big selection of colors from vivid and intense colors is remarkable suited for very creative creations. Other color shades addition character make-up with sensible effects. Apply black hair color spray from a space of approximately 30 cm. it can be very simply deleted with warm water and shampoo. For use with bleached or dyed hair, we advised a suitability test before the primary application.



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