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Black hair spray has never looked so good!

An Amazing new Black hair spray

Want a new black hair color without committing to a permanent change? Try a short-term black hair color spray. This hair color can simply be used to bangs, streaks, or color find. Find a temporary hair color to find your requirement, whether it is energetic color or one that rinse out with your next shampoo.

Black hair spray

Black hair spray

Scary dark black Halloween hairspray

Best coverage on blond hair. Not pretty enough to do a complete head of long hair. Washed out without any issue, suitable for any occasion, this is a black hair spray for your hair which can be practical with ease and cleaned out in single wash. One wash color hairspray provides a short-term hair color, which can be used without any issue and washed out in single shampoo. This hair spray can be functional to any kind of hair.

Colour Xtreme hair art black spray

Black hairspray

Black hair spray

This is the high impact, high pigment, colored black hair spray that lets you make powerful colour looks in seconds with zero commitment. Hair will glow under black light for a plus pop of colour. To delete simply washes out shampoo with hot water. Don’t use on bleached, wet, or chemically destroyed hair. Don’t apply fast after swimming and make sure colour is completely washed out before swimming again.

Miracle finishing black hair color spray

Keeps hair in location for a comprehensive period of time with highest hold, soft stain touch, continuing amazing shine and UVB/UVA security, helps to save hair colors, strengthen hair and decrease flyaways. Use backpar products for applying spray hair color  and use the power of retail to keep your customers coming back.

High beams intense black temporary hair spray

This spray-on hair shade is the best tool for including fine color highlights or for making a brave statement. High beams intense clean away with just single shampooing with no danger of destroying your hair color.

learn more dramatic volume black hair spray

Hairspray uses to style your hair from begin to end. This revolutionary hairspray will improve and life your hair dramatically from the roots. Please feel free to check out our blog & learn more. This hair spray formula is workable and grips all day. This hair spray makes bouncy looks, big, and its hold is workable all day.

Party black hair spray

Shake well, holding can upright and spray in little bursts from a distance of 20cm rejecting face and eyes. This temporary hair color is simple to wash out after. Black colored hairspray is remarkable for Halloween. Must protect clothing and synthetic materials from over spray, don’t use on dyed, bleached or permed hair. People with light or fair proceed with caution and test little area before use. Not perfect for kids with fair hair as may cause staining.

Star Gazer black color hair spray

Star Gazer spray permits you to replace your hair color without bleaching. The spray is extremely intense and the color is very vivid even used on deep black hair. It does not enter into hair. Your hair are not damaged and dried. You can use it for every party and delete the colour on the next day without any problem.



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