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White hair spray for your event or party

White hair spray

White hair spray


White Hair Spray that you will love

This hair spray will save against the weather while providing you the most amazing white hair spray ever created. Keep your hair vibrant and fit looking, without weighting it down with residue. The spray locks in moisture and obstructs wetness while providing you a grip that can stand up in hard weather with white color. It does not issue if you have wavy hair, volume, curly hair, straight hair or treated hair. Keeps your hair looking healthy and vibrant for soft, amazing hold all day with beautiful white colour. It is advised for general hair.

White hair spray

White hair spray

Streaks and temporary white highlights spray

temporary White hair spray

temporary White hair spray


This white color highlight spray will help you include temporary vivid color or highlights to your hair. Streaks and tips for using temporary white spray has long been a motion image industry standard. Best for tipping, streaking or frosting or is the right touch for parties, holidays, or just fun also best for kids or actors when dressing up in costumes.

Party success white hair spray

This white temporary hair spray will provide your colour to coordinate with your costume, spark up your outfit for the club, or surprise your friends. Washes out simply with water and shampoo! Shake well before any use, don’t spray in eyes, you can easily wash out spray with a single wash. Don’t use any heating appliance on hair after use this hair spray.

The most amazing hair color spray

Temporary white spray is specially made to vividly color or show up your hair, with a variety of amazing hair colors spray's. No need for use of peroxide, bleaches, or tints. This hair spray washes out easily without any issue.

Party white hair color spray

Looking for a big change to your without wearing any type of wig? Was to be capable to gradiate your hair or replace the shade a little? Want to put some white or other shade in your hair? We have got the remarkable thing! Grab the white party hair spray today and trail to your heart’s content.

Go white Temporary hair spray

This hair spray tints hair to fun color and clean out without any issue. Each can contain 3oz of hair spray. White hair spray is best for costumes, events, or for achieving a perfect look.

Wash out white hair color spray

Simple to use white hair spray, it provides you best colour with remarkable coverage. The product can be washed out off simply in the shower or bath with the use of shampoo. Shake well and only spray onto hair from 20cm away. Be sure to reject face and eyes, and it will stain clothes. It may also tint bleached hair and light coloured.

Taya white color hair spray

Inject your style with a boost of dentition and body. Best for thin, fine hair, this plant-based hair color formulation helps a fuller, thicker hair look. Spray and style as a general for bodily charming look. This is an amazing white hair color. You can get rid of this color with only one shampoo wash.





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