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Using cold water on your hair is great when using the bet volume conditioner. Despite having a warm shower you can use cold water on your hair as it  allows your hair volume to really bloom which results to a natural shine without extra effort & volume. Using a volumizing conditioner adds a natural hair  volume without tangling the locks and it also increases your hair’s luminescence, it should however be used to add extra volume to your hair Blow drying your hair with cold air is another way to keep it natural. Drinking a lot of water since a hydrated body leads to a hydrated skin and hair in addition to taking healthy food stuff that will translate to healthy hair when using a volume conditioner. Proteins in a diet helps in growth of a healthy hair, also plenty of vitamin E helps in maintaining your hair shinning and it is standard in all volumizing conditioners. An instant hair volume may be enhanced by parting your hair differently without effort or any products. Parting your hair differently from the way you are used to freshens up your hairstyle, example parting it to the right or left side if you are used to parting it on the middle.  A haircut also revitalizes the hair volume.

You can get a long lasting hair volume by basically creating with the best volume shampoo a space or air pocket between the hair and the scalp when you first use the volume conditioner. There are several methods of creating space with this specific conditioner. Hair reshaping is one of the methods  which involves wetting the hair by either shampooing or applying a wet styler. This helps the water to penetrate the hair shaft. The hair is dry & into shape by either by air drying on rollers or heat with a blow dryer. After reshaping bonding the hair strands is necessary since the volume hair created by wet styling is vulnerable to disruption from wind and humidity and that why this volumizing conditioner is the best. Bonding holds the hair with volumizing conditioner shafts together hence increasing the stiffness of the hair. The bonding is created using gel and waxes. Increasing hair friction also helps increasing the volume and fullness of the hair. This is achieved by cleaning the hair, color treating it the hair, teasing or backcombing it using hair style such as waxes and gels .



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